Items below apply to Ken Brown Engraving Workshops

NOTE:  THESE ARE THE SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED FOR YOUR CLASS.  Bring them from the KEN BROWN ENGRAVING SYSTEM you purchase before attending the Workshop.  If you already have a system at home, you should purchase these items to bring to the class.

Again.....these are items you must use in the Class – NO SUBSTITUTIONS!  

ALL LOANER EQUIPMENT EXCEPT THE DRILL IS PROVIDED.  Bring ONLY your newly purchased drill and burs.


4 Ultra Fine SHARPIE markers.  2 BLUE, 2 RED

1 Tube Rub ‘N Buff Antique Gold

1 Tube  Rub ‘N Buff Silver Leaf

12” THIN, FLEXIBLE clear plastic ruler marked in 1/16s

A 12” plastic T-square

Tape dispenser and 1 Roll of 3/4” 3M Magic tape

Small box of Band-Aids.  JUST in case…..

Small spray bottle filled with alcohol to clean baselines off glass and other objects.

Two small hand towels 

Small pair of scissors

Small Xacto knife

Small sponge dish scrubber with green threads from the Dollar Store, or equivalent.  Do NOT get ScotchBrite.; it will scratch some surfaces with its extreme abrasive material.



This is a VERY big deal.  Whether or not you wear glasses for vision correction, you MUST have glasses on all the time the drill is running to protect against engraving dust and particles possibly hitting your eyes.  If you’re under 30, you probably need little, if any, magnification.  If over 30, you need to try on some non-prescription glasses at CVS or Walgreens.  Find a pair that will allow you to see great detail.  I’ve worn 4 power since I was 40...and still do.  You won’t find the 4 power in drugstores if that’s what you want.  If you can read tiny print with a pair with a power of 3 or 3.25, they usually have those.  More powerful ones must come from an optical store or non-prescription vision center. 

NOTE:  When you're shopping for the glasses, see if the magnification is adequate for you to see great detail with your eyes about 12 inches from the table.  If you look across the room, DO NOT look through the lenses.  All will be a blur. Look OVER the top of the glasses when you're not engraving....or take them off.