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This program began in May, 2001, with about 560 people, so far, having come to learn the amazing and lucrative skill.  All classes are in the hotel conference room.  

Total privacy for the class.

This amazing, greatly detailed class teaches you how to create a business around your hand-engraving.  Some make it a productive part-time activity, using it only when they want, or have time to personalize their own gifts for friends and family. Others are more serious about structuring a small part-time business, aggressively promoting their skill.  Then, there are the retired, and near-retired who want and need to develop a steady and reliable stream of extra income.  

Class is 4 hours Thursday evening and all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Alphabets, practice sheet pdf, and other materials are emailed the day you enroll.  You should enroll a MINIMUM OF 4 WEEKS before the Workshop to practice the letters in the Student Packet. EARLIER IF POSSIBLE to be sure you get ONE OF EIGHT SEATS! Thorough instructions with video support

on making all the letters during the class days.

FULL TIME OR PART TIME....YOUR CHOICE can take what you learn, and polish it to provide an amazing full-time income if that's your interest and goal.  One hundred to two hundred dollars per hour is routine for most of us who do small jobs for sizable fees that produce income in that range....and even more sometimes.  For example....personalizing the back of a man's wrist watch that you might charge $50. for 10 minutes of engraving.  


When you are deciding whether or not it is worth the investment for the Workshop and equipment, know that those who apply what they learn both from the engraving standpoint AND the marketing ideas discussed in every class, benefit greatly. Many get their entire investment back within a year.  Some much, much sooner!


A major part of engravers' income is from individuals who bring wine, spirits, and fragrance bottles, knives, guns, crystal, and a long list of other items for personalization.  Jewelry stores, laser engravers, and trophy shops CANNOT engrave some items that freehand engravers can.  You'll have a highly marketable skill and NO competition from jewelry stores and mall engravers.  Learn how to make it all work and how to earn as you've never earned before for a skill you never dreamed of!


3-1/2 DAY CLASS FEE: $1500

20% deposit due when you enroll

Venmo, Zelle, check, or cash.

Total balance due 30 days before

the first day of class.  

Debit or credit cards, add 8%

The cost of glass and metal Workshop projects is included in the class fee.


includes shipping directly to our Workshop room.

From 3rd party company.  Equipment used, loved, and strongly endorsed by Ken.

Ken personally uses this equipment in his daily Studio work and all his in-store wine & fragrance events.

$520. includes diamond and carbide engraving burs for the Workshop.

The package is tailored to KEN BROWN specifications for hand-engraving in this Workshop and any venue where you and your services are booked for special events for your engraving most any item. 


​Workshop fee includes the STUDENT PACKET with pre-printed practice sheets with strokes and directions how to make them and how to connect them to make every lower case and upper case letter in this simple, elegant alphabet.  It's filled with valuable reference material The PACKET will prepare you ahead for learning the letters for the approximate 25 hours of Workshop time. The sheets are emailed to you when you enroll.  The more you practice prior to the Workshop, the better you'll do.


BURS...Drill bits that cut the surface being engraved. The Workshop bur packet includes numerous burs necessary for the class. You'll be provided the source and price of more burs for your work when you return home to engrave for the public.



which is 20%

of the $1500. Workshop fee.

Total balance of $1200. due 30 days prior to the first day of your Workshop start date. 

Call 214.250.6958 with your questions

or to enroll. 

Max Students in each class is 8, so don't delay or you may miss your chance.  

Call me with your questions about the equipment and its service and durability.  I've tested it thoroughly, both in my Studio environment and at in-store events.  The new system is light, quiet, takes far less space to set up and use.  Huge advance forward in the equipment about 25% of the cost!





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