This program began in May, 2001, with almost 550 people, so far, having come to learn the amazing and lucrative skill.  It teaches you how to create a business around your hand-engraving.  Some make it a productive part-time activity, using it only when they want, or have time to personalize their own gifts to friends and family. Others are more serious about structuring a small part-time business, aggressively promoting their skill.  Then, there are the retired, and near-retired who want and need to develop a steady and reliable stream of extra income.  

FULL TIME OR PART TIME....YOUR CHOICE can take what you learn and polish it to provide an amazing income if that's your interest and goal.  One hundred to two hundred dollars per hour is routine for most of us who do small jobs for sizeable fees that produce income in that range....and even more sometimes.  For example....personalizing the back of a man's wrist watch that you might charge $50. for 10 minutes of engraving.  With 60 minutes in an hour, you used 1/6 of an hour for fifty bucks.  That is the rate of $300. per hour.  Likely you'd never have 6 watches at one time to engrave, but you earned at that RATE for the one you did.


When you are deciding whether or not it is worth the investment of approx $3600. for the Workshop and equipment, know that those who apply what they learn both from the engraving standpoint AND the marketing ideas discussed in every class, benefit greatly. Many get their entire investment back within a year.  Some much, much sooner.



There's a three-hour orientation and three full days hands-on training.   Priceless instructions only available by personal attendance.   Lot's of one-on-one help from Ken throughout every day session.  Learn letter formation with the drill, correct hand position, layout techniques, off-the-wall marketing ideas that cost virtually nothing, and you'll see & hear stores about how Ken captured the attention of retailers all over the country with his beautiful personalization of fragrance bottles, cosmetics items, crystal, sporting goods, and wine & spirits bottles for major chain stores all over Texas.  



Ken's most successful and best-paid students take the followup Ken Brown Certification Program.  More about that later. The student's investment is often recovered within a few months for an average of $100. per hour.  Some Ken Brown Certified students are now earning in excess of $150. per hour for 4-8 hour events.  



A major part of engravers' income is from individuals who bring bottles, knives, guns, crystal, and a long list of other items for personalization.  Jewelry stores, laser engravers, and trophy shops CANNOT engrave some items that freehand engravers can.  With samples and the right approach to those stores, students will get referrals from those stores who cannot do the work their customers bring them. You'll have a highly marketable skill and NO competition.  Learn how to make it all work and how to earn as you've never earned before.



The fee subject to change without notice.  The price listed here at the time you call to enroll will be the prevailing fee.  If posted price should decrease after you've enrolled, there is no rebate if you paid more.  Price fluctuation is all about supply and demand and hotel deadlines for our commitment on student numbers we guarantee at our time of payment.

There are no provisions for a refund of your fee.  After you've made the decision and commitment to enroll in a specific, scheduled Workshop, paid the fee in full, received the DVD set and pdf of the alphabets,  we'll gladly accommodate your request to move you to a later session where there is space, if there are scheduling problems or family issues that conflict with the original date.  Be sure of your decision.  We'll help in every way to boost your confidence and show you how you can learn and benefit greatly from the new skill.

If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from attending, there may be prospective students you could sell your class enrollment fee to at some discount.

The Workshop fee, including 3-1/2 days of instructions, and all materials except equipment:

NOTE:   Pay in full at the time of enrollment.  

The Workshop fee is $1499.  

STUDENT PACKET, included in class fee.

Call to enroll the minute you decide; seating is limited to 10 students.  Your STUDENT PACKET will be emailed with 48 hours so you can begin to print out the pdf of Ken's letters and practice sheets to learn the script style used in the Workshop.  Every day counts.  The more you practice the letters before you come to class, the faster you'll learn when you get there.


 A personalized copy of this spiral-bound book, filled with information and graphics about layout is at your seat in the classroom when you arrive.  It shows how to make flat glass ready for practice, photos, suggestions for pricing, a chapter on wine, and many other helpful ideas you'll refer to often when you get home to begin your engraving business at whatever level you decide to take it.  It is NOT a class manual but an invaluable reference book for after the Workshop.  

ALL PRICES FOR WORKSHOP AND RELATED ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.  The amount you pay for the Workshop, or other Ken Brown Studio items, is the price listed on this site the day you enroll or make a purchase.  Price reductions are not retroactive.  Check site prices before you call to enroll. We will reschedule if there are conflicts in your schedule or ours.  No refunds unless a death in the family prevents your attendance.

KEN BROWN PROFESSIONAL ENGRAVING SYSTEM is shipped to your door from our long-time supplier of equipment for our students.  Exactly the equipment Ken has used for over 25 years.  None better.  This is the only equipment Ken can troubleshoot and support if there are issues during setup and use when you return home and begin your engraving as a hobby or business. Professional and industrial-grade in every detail.  

Go to Equipment link below for photos and details.             

$1900. plus shipping.  You purchase the system from TAKING AIM MARKETING in Utah. 


ONLY your drill & burs, and misc supplies are needed in the Allen, Texas, Workshop. The Ken Brown Studio provides all other equipment, as a loaner system. 


You would bring your entire system to a Workshop location if not held at our usual Allen, Texas, hotel location.

QUESTIONS?  Call Ken Brown, 214.250.6958

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