Held in McKinney, TX.  •  Memorial Day weekend 2001

L to R:  Elizabeth, GEORGIA  •  Betty, TEXAS  •  Bob, CALIFORNIA  •  Ken  •  Denise, TENNESSEE  •  Joanne, CALIFORNIA

Joanne became Ken Brown Certified Engraver # 1.  Denise was #2 

These are other students over the years who came, learned, and earn handsome fees.

     Among the 350+ students I've taught, there have been two kids, in classes about 5 years apart.  Both are in the 4 photos just above.  Each was 15 at the time of their Workshop.  You've heard it before, but kids soak up new stuff and learn so much faster than the adults.  Frankly, I'd rather teach kids any time!

     Kendall, the girl, came to the Workshop because her mother saw an article about me in a Dallas business journal.  It was a brief human interest story with a photo of me and a giant, 9 liter Champagne bottle.  The mom's wheels started whirring and she knew this would be a perfect way for her daughter to earn money during the summer, and when she had spare time to help with her college fund.  I've lost track of Kendall, probably out of college now.

     Micah came with his mother from Tennessee and both took the class!  She wanted him to have a productive skill during high school and college, with no flipping burgers or mowing yards for this kid!  

     Micah was amazing in the class.  He took what he learned back home and made more money through his high school and college years than any kid in town....by a long shot, at fifty bucks an hour...about forty-something dollars per hour over minimum wage!

     During each of my Workshops, I tell all students the importance of doing some amount of charity work.  "Donate your time and skill for a good cause; it will come back to you....guaranteed!"  

     For a number of years and, literally, thousands of wine glasses and loads of wine bottles, my charity has been the American Heart Association chapter in Dallas, Texas.  I did many events for them annually, for several years.  They now employ me in my busy schedule for some of their most important wine tasting and wine auction events.