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Here are a few of my concoctions to promote Calligraphy in a variety of ways.  Each was inspiration that came when I needed something quick and special and cheap!  No ad agency for this little enterprise.  These are all home-grown and some of my favorites. 


Wyndol Fry, a long-time friend and local high school shop teacher long, long ago, took a paper outline of my hand and cut 45 copies out of high-quality birch plywood.  Each was sanded and sealed with clear acrylic wood spray before I india ink...the name and address of the recipient on one side and the address on the other.  Each was weighed at the local post office for the right postage.  The postage strip was applied and each piece was mailed unwrapped.  They were a great hit and generated a lot of new business for our parchment prints.

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