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These are but a sprinkling of the reasons the world needs more hand-engravers of Calligraphy.  The regular engraving kiosks and stores are not equipped to do these items.  Demand is universal and fewer than 200 people on the planet can engrave this variety of pieces freehand.  FREEHAND!  Maybe not even 200!

'Advertising,' in terms of paid ads, is totally unnecessary to promote your work when you learn this skill.  Merely showing what you do...and giving away a few simple pieces to the right people...will create buzz and demand among those who get your little engraved gifts.  From there, it sorta goes 'viral' in its own way as people share and show and want to know where you are and how THEY can hire you for personalization.  What a deal!

Wanna learn?  Read on......

Questions or comments about anything in these photos?  Call me.  I'll personally answer and fill in the blanks!



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