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A sixty second look at lots of students and engraved items done by Ken Brown and his engraving students.
Time lapse of an 80 minute engraving on a 3 liter Veuve Clicquot Champagne bottle.  A #4 round carbide bur at 300,000 rpm was used throughout. 
This is to show the simplicity of the strokes making the engraving script with a PENCIL.  Watch as ovals, straight lines with slight curves, and small loops form the letters.  This will actually improve your everyday handwriting when you know all the strokes and letters.
Snippets from A TRIP THROUGH THE SCRIPT, a two-DVD set featuring all the letters in the Ken Brown alphabet used in his engraving and Workshops.
Stainless steel money clip personalized with a #4 round carbide bur, cut deeply into the metal.
A Ken Brown glass SmileStone™ engraved with a #4 round carbide bur, and later filled with Silver Leaf Rub 'N Buff.
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