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A few directions how a few simple strokes of luck are in your reach!

Many years ago in Irving, TX, Gail frequented a small dress shop in a retail area near our home. I would often visit the store with her and got to know the shop owner who spoke with a pronounced German accent. Her name was Inge... pronounced 'Inga.'

Beautiful, smart woman whose women's ready-to-wear selections were the best quality in town. Outgoing, great smile. Boundless energy. The three of us grew to be great friends and Gail had a closetful of Inge's clothing!

Several years ago, Inge made a surprise visit to my table where I was engraving fragrance bottles for Christmas gifts at a Dallas NORDSTROM store. After more that 4 decades, Inge was still a beautiful and vibrant lady! And out of the clothing business! Have lost track of her again and hope to see her somewhere at Christmas this year!

One day Inge asked me to do her favorite quote in my Calligraphy. I did. She hung it on the wall behind the register; you couldn't miss it in her store. The framed quote was the headline above, "The harder I work, the luckier I get!"

I've always remembered that quote and think of it often. I chose the word luck to illustrate the simplicity of the way I make and teach the script I do with pen and ink, and markers, and a dental drill for engraving. It's an organized system for anyone to improve their handwriting, if desired.

Every letter has its own strokes. They're simple and easy to assemble to make a letter. There are only about 20 common 'squiggles' that go together to make every letter and any word in the dictionary.

Yes, I know your handwriting looks like a three year old with a crayon in a tight fist. Doesn't matter. Everyone who learns the squiggles begins to make pretty letters quite quickly. It's a method. It's an easy 'roadmap' to pretty handwriting. Yours is NOT a lost cause!

One day soon, I'll have a cool, simple video showing how every letter of the alphabet is made. One for the lower case letters, and another for the upper case. You can hum along to the background music and discover, hidden in those fingers of yours, is an alphabet looking for a piece of paper!

Christmas is coming.....


If interested in going beyond letters on paper, there's a mountain of opportunity out there for personalized gifts that can be done on your kitchen table. How lucky can you be?

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