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For years, photos and inspirations would nudge me to publish a blog featuring an interesting project and how I did it. For all those years I felt as though I was on this big stage speaking to an empty auditorium. There was seldom any feedback. Duh. I didn't have a wizard-secretary all that time to figure the back side of matters and have a way for my sizable audience to subscribe and respond. Today she did.

Thanks for subscribing. Now that a few are out there in front of my 'podium,' it's encouraging me to answer some of your questions, show some of your work, and invite your suggestions for subject matter.


The local Habitat for Humanity is one of my regular customers. Recently, these 8 naked hammers came to my door needing an inscription on each. I don't do much on wood, but, obviously the dental drill likes wood and the results can be quite pleasing. Before the executive director came for them to be presented, I arranged them on my conference table and got a shot.

Each was done with a #4 round carbide bur. I used a very light touch and didn't cut deeply. The heat scorched the handle so I was finished when the words were 'highlighted' with the heat.

I signed my name, quite small, on the reverse side of the steel head. Of course these will go on a shelf or shadow box, somehow prominently displayed by the proud owner of each. If the owner needs something personalized, he might just find my name. I'm easy to find.

Thanks again. Let me hear about your interests and curiosities about what this hand-engraving is all about. Opportunities abound, in spite of the mindset most folks have about the amazing possibilities.

BEFORE YOU GO...scroll down and see other posts from the past. Some of those might be of interest and raise questions you may have. Let me hear from you!

More on Saturday....


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