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Several times each month I get a phone call from wine and liquor stores, or their representatives, asking me to come to a special event to engrave bottles. They know how special it makes their product. It's all about personalization. It's adding a special touch to make the gift unique. One of a kind. Unless their event is on a weekday, I'm usually not available. So many events. So few people to engrave at them.

Frequently, I get phone calls from individuals who ask about the potential earnings they might expect from hand-engraving. They see my promotions and ongoing activities. Most callers have zero experience in Calligraphy and most of those have illegible handwriting. So what!

Calligraphy...and the engraving of an acquired skill. All the letters have 'their strokes.' This stroke-method of learning is foolproof. Like playing the guitar, there are specific things you do with your hands and fingers. If you don't have any abnormalities in your hands, and if your nerves are steady, this is skill you can learn. You'll have to put in the practice time and develop the muscle memory, but quicker than you'd imagine, a hundred bucks an hour can be your earning power, even at a very early stage of your development. As your speed and quality increase, so can your fees.

Most of the people I train hit the ground running the day they get home from the Workshop. Recovering their investment for equipment and training can happen in a few months.

The Workshop can crack the door for you enter into a new realm of earning possibilities. There is no question about that.

Watch my Instagram (kenbrownscribe), and these blogs for a bit more insight and inspiration to get you out of the twilight zone of indecision and earning like never before!


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