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From the beginning of my engraving venture, I hustled a bunch of country clubs. I sent each of 20 golf pros, a brand new personalized 5 iron, to their country clubs in the Dallas area. But that's another story for another time.

At this November 2018 event, I engraved only about 60 wine bottles. It took far less than the maximum time I work evening, half-day events, for my full half-day fee. So, it was a leisurely experience, with all the Champagne I wanted during my personalization of some special commemorative wine bottles at the relatively new country club.

While at the party, I was told to expect some 'golf trophies' to be delivered to my Studio in the coming month. Meanwhile, their member-guest tournament produced some winners whose 'trophies' needed personalization. I had worked for this club several times over the past 4-5 years so we've had a good relationship.

The present head golf pro came from an older club in the area where I had worked for him several years. He promised there would be other occasions in the new year for more of my engraving.

These were the 'trophies' for the 10 winners in different tournament categories. Three helmets, 2 gauntlets, three shields, and two swords. Seven pieces had two lines of engraving; each shield had three. The pieces were brought to me for engraving at my Studio.

I used a new #4 round carbide on each sword and helmet. The other pieces were done with a new #3 round carbide on each. These stainless steel pieces were hard, quickly taking the edge off the new burs.

Each piece averaged about 20 minutes for the critical layout, baselines, and engraving. The gauntlets were most challenging, with their limited space and ridges in the metal. Swords were fastest and easiest. The helmets were tedious in holding them steady while my hands were perched on top as the engraving was done. The shields were quite easy and the hardest of the metals used in the four shapes of all. The total fee averaged just over $100. per item.

Another area club also uses swords only for their winners. I do those every October. The basic information is engraved on each of the 12 swords at my Studio. On the evening of the banquet, at the end of the tournament, I pack up and go to the banquet where I add the winners' names to the swords just before presentation. Full-day event fee that takes about 5 hours total for both locations. AND I get a fabulous meal and sparkling!


Court the country clubs. They are rich in opportunities and budgets. The member-guest tournaments are usually 3 day affairs followed by a big banquet where all the players are wined and dined. The winners get their trophy swords and I'm outside the big meeting room personalizing swords just as the party gets underway.

At every country club, there are activities almost every weekend. If you wield a wicked drill and can put names and dates on all kinds of trophies and wine bottles, put on your best face, take some samples, and make yourself known. They need you. They just don't know it yet.

Next time: Engraving a GREY GOOSE bottle.



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