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Four female golfers who are not exactly ornithologists but are swinging the sticks several hours each week hoping to shoot a birdie.

In case you're not up on golf terminology, par is the number of strokes allowed to, well, par the hole being played. Getting from tee to cup in that number of strokes...or the goal of every golfer on every hole.

When a golfer is having a good day and uses one stroke LESS than par to get the ball in the cup, that's called a birdie....the golfer shot a 'birdie....or 'birdied' the hole. Two strokes under par is an eagle. Fewer of those are known to fly around the course in any given day.

So each of these four ladies, if that's the right word, starts the round with a flask full of their favorite hooch. When any one in the foursome shoots a birdie on a hole, a quick celebration ensues. Each flask comes out of the golf bags and each lady throws back a big shot. With a glorious shout, in unison, each says, "BIRDIES & BITCHES!" before they proceed to the next hole.

On a day of multiple birdies, the country club provides a way home for each with a designated driver, and that one's not in the bag.

As for the experienced #3 round carbide was used on the stainless steel flasks. Also experienced, was the #8 round carbide used on the bottle of FIREBALL, cinnamon-flavored whiskey. Antique Gold Rub 'N Buff filled the engraved letters on the bottle.



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