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bad ass boss

Perhaps the working relationship is unique.

Sara & Gary

The couple will be delighted. Likely no connection with the boss lady.

These two just came in from the same customer. All names done with a dull #6 round carbide. The date was with a #4 round carbide bur. The bad ass boss was done with a #8 diamond to get the broad look on the three words in lower case block letters. The diamond was strange to use and didn’t interact with the glass at all like carbide burs.

I put all the lettering on the side of the bottles because one of the two seams, that were 180 degrees apart, was smack on the center of the label’s position. It was the same on both bottles. Since I must stay a long way from the seams while engraving the bottles, I put all on the side where there were no seams, which is the default position during my free wine engraving in stores, and my Studio.

Customers probably aren’t looking at this so I’ll tell you engravers and wannabe engravers that these two bottles, by the clock, took an uninterrupted 16 minutes. Total. That included putting down a single, thin baseline with a small bead of Rub ‘N Buff along the edge of a piece of SCOTCH 3M tape for each line of letters, engraving with ‘shooting from the hip’ centering, and adding gold Rub ‘N Buff to all the engraving.

For the two bottles, at $6. per word (spelled-out date is two words) and $12. per bottle for the color, the fee was $72. Do the math. That’s a shade under a rate of $288. per hour for the total of 16 minutes work on the 2 bottles.

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Next Workshop is October 12-15.

The last one of 2016 is November 1-4

-Ken • 214.250.6958

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