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At left is Victoria from Texas, Renee from Georgia, and Patricia from Texas at right. At center is Alma from California.

From three states, these four beauties converged on the Holiday Inn Express in Allen, Texas, on the evening of August 24. That began the 27 hour August Workshop over that evening and the next three days. Each turned out some amazing work in those 4 sessions and I promised each of them they'll be a whirlwind of activity by Thanksgiving.

We began Wednesday evening with an informal visit as each told why she was there, her ambitions with learning hand-engraving, and what prompted her to make the decision to attend.

Patricia and Alma are practicing the capital letters on lined flat glass, marked for one specific bur used on many of the projects

Renee with one of my verses on a wine bottle done on the third day.

Students always engrave a dinner plate with one of my poems; that is usually the project just before noon on the third day. These four ladies were progressing so well with the practice sheets and other projects that we began the plate around 2:00 on the second day.

Victoria is touching up her round plate. Her wine bottles were done at the end of the third day.

Renee asked me to look at a part of her plate she was especially proud of.

Patricia with her round plate finished the afternoon of the second day.

If you're interested in joining the ranks of these and only a sprinkling of others scattered about the country, you'll learn a skill that produces amazing income the day you begin offering your services after the Workshop. Most are doing that the week they return home.

See more details under the LEARN THIS! link on this site.

Oh yes.....In a National Geographic Magazine issue somewhere between January 1970 and December 1980, I had an ad in one issue. Black and white with photos, Calligraphy, and an address to order those materials from the Ken Brown Studio in Hugo, OK.

The first person to email me a shot of that ad and the cover of the issue it was in, will get an $800. discount off the September or October Workshop fee if they want to attend either. One person only. You must swear on your Mother's Bible that you found it yourself! I'll ask and I have secret agents who'll know!

Good Luck.

Offer ends Friday, September 2, at 5:00 p.m. Central time zone.


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