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Pat was in the August, 2014, Ken Brown Engraving Workshop. Like every single one of my truly successful students, she had the same mindset as Henry Ford, of automobile fame: "Whether you think you can or cannot, you are ALWAYS right." Pat thought she COULD and she was right!

Pat's first phone call to me was in early 2014. She was a calligrapher in the Denver area tinkering with lettering using different tools on various surfaces. Somehow she discovered my work one day and decided to see if I could answer a couple of questions. I did during our short phone conversation.

Not long after that she called again wanting more in-depth information. About 3 phone calls later with more, quite specific questions, I politely told her the information she was getting was precisely what I teach in my Workshops and it was time she came to get the full story. Soon thereafter she enrolled, came. learned, and is one of my most active students.

Pat is now working on completing her Ken Brown Certified Engraver program which will give her even more credibility and validation of her professional hand-engraved calligraphy.

Below is an email I got from her just yesterday, with her permission to share it when I asked.

Thanks to Pat for sharing her letter.


Hi Ken!

Things are going well in my world.

To bring you up to date…….

Coty Fragrances found me!!! Yea!!! Jake, a Denver calligrapher, decided not to continue his engraving for the area. Terry (Coty with Macy's) found me. I was complimented when she observed my work; she was pleased and said that my engraving was as good as Jake's!!!

I'm totally aware that my calligraphy cannot compare to Jake’s, but I am grateful for your teachings and what I learned in your Workshop! People are so kind and complimentary at all my events when they see my work.

Your instructions have made me proud each time I engrave. I enjoy using the script style you taught us! Sometimes, I need to improvise, but overall the script allows me to add extra flair (as you do so easily). Thank you soooooo much for the method and consistency of your teachings!

Stella Artois has sent me to Boca Raton, Florida (4 events) and Des Moines, Iowa (1 event). Exciting! $125/hr plus all expenses.

Jim Beam also gives me several events. $125/hr plus travel.

Coty....$125/hr, plus perfumes/colognes and overnight stay.

Things Remembered stores also have been sending me customers!

A square bottle is one of the first projects in the Workshop. Every student completes about dozen other items during the 3-day session.

I have worked on my own at wine and beer festivals. The small token glasses provided to the attendees are what I engrave at $5.00 per glass. Most of the time it is a one or two word request. I have fun and like to meet people and new challenges!

I still amaze myself and do not take my skill for granted. Every day I am grateful for my healthy hands, mind, and heart. Engraving is my passion!

My next project will be on the way soon and I'm anxious to complete my Ken Brown Certification. So anxious to have your endorsement & recommendations as I continue to grow in my business.

I'm always excited to read your blogs. I'm glad to know you are in good health and going strong. Your work is amazing and I like to study all your letters each time you post something. Admittedly, I still have a long way to go to reach your quality!

Blessings for a good week. I will send pics soon!


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