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Last fall I got a call from a lady wanting information about my Workshops.

"Ken, I'm Shirley in California and I've known about you for some time through your blog and wonderful photos on your web site. I'm sortava crafty old gal and have been for years and years. I've never done ANYTHING like what you're doing and I'd love to learn how you engrave with that dental think I could learn at my advanced age?"

Well, you know what I told her. She convinced me she was rabid with desire to get here and learn it, so I encouraged her a bit more than usual with prospects who call. Within a couple of days of our long conversation she called us back and enrolled in the January, 2016 session.

Shirley struggled about the same amount as anyone else for the first half the three days, then she had her 'ahhha moment' and found her groove, as most do about that time. She finished the class and left quite pleased with her progress.

Three days ago I received this email and photos from Shirley. Although she's dealing with vision problems, her work is amazing for her age. Thought it worth sharing with some of the fence-sitters out there who'd love to be in her seat but haven't mustered the courage to take the leap of faith to come learn. And they probably have no vision problems!

Hang in there, Shirley! You're an inspiration to more people than you might imagine!

Continued good wishes and thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and work with a lot of people who will admire what you're doing.


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