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Since my first Workshop on the Memorial Day weekend of 2001, I've taught almost one hundred, 3-day classes with an average of 4 people in each. The exact total is around 350 students. Here are the first five, in class #1.

Those 350 individuals have come from Dubai, S. Korea, Argentina, Canada, Hawaii, and from all corners and across the U.S. Their ages range from 15 (three of those whose parents didn't want their kid to be flipping burgers in college!) to 92...a gentleman woodworker on the east coast who made amazing duck decoys; he wanted to personalize his decoys for the buyers and other recipients.

With the exception of a few, whom we all realized by the end of the Workshop...and a few shortly thereafter...should not have been in the room, every student has made their investment count. Many within a few months....some quicker than that. One who should not have come was a lady from Houston who had some kind of nerve issue; she could not be still or quiet. She admitted later it was a mistake for her to attend.

Another was the husband of an overbearing, grumpy old wife who walked into my Studio and said to me, "I told Herman he was going to take this class!" Herman managed a wimpy smile and said nothing. He was a milktoast sort of a fellow who was obviously there under duress.. She paid. He came. He spent 3 miserable days half-heartedly going through the motions. He was the 'horse you could lead to water but you couldn't make him drink.' Years later he died and she sold his equipment back to me. She said he never touched it after the class. The old boy must have finally shown some spine!

Of course, YOUR handwriting is barely legible. You have NO artistic talent. You know NOTHING about Calligraphy. And you could NEVER do what I teach. Well, you're in the crowd of about 98% of past students who said the same thing. Go here for a moment.

Those who had the grit and belief they could master the technique, took the leap of faith and many, many of them are making their life-changing skill produce a terrific new income stream.

You don't have any idea how to market your skill? That's the least of your concerns. We talk a lot about that in the 3 days. How you share your work in the beginning. How you NEVER have to buy ads. How you promote yourself by giving small personalized items to the right people.

The August session begins in 32 days. If you're on the fence and are considering the course, August will get you readier for Christmas than September. September is a better choice than October. October will still have you about 13 weeks to get up to speed for the bonanza Christmas is for all of us engravers.

Call me. Let's talk and see if I can put your fears and concerns to rest.

Christmas is coming!



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