This is a photo from the 'pilot' program when a student from Lagos, Nigeria, and Ken blazed a trail together with an online teaching experience for engraving.  It took  15 visits to cover it all.  


Since then, the program has been tightened and pared down to 8 three-hour sessions where every detail is covered...same as always taught in the hotel Workshops, in the same period of time. 


Those hotel and 'on-the-road Workshops have been conducted several times per year.  This month is our 20th anniversary of teaching Ken Brown Engraving Workshops for beginners.


See ETHEL'S ONLINE STORY.  Learn more on other links below the •••LEARN ENGRAVING••• section of this site.

This is the camera that shows Ken's work to every student in the class. The students see every stroke of his work in great detail.


Every student also must have the same camera  so Ken can watch their lettering and engraving in real time. 

More details about the camera.

Presently, Workshops are ONLINE only.

Barbara from Tennessee getting some assistance from Ken in her January 2018 class.

She became a productive engraver almost immediately and has begun her Ken Brown Certification program.  If you'd like her comments about the class, let us know and we'll share her contact info.  Her project, shown above, is a round dinner plate on which she engraved a poem in a circle arround the outside edge.

WHO?  YOU!  Hand-engraving with a dental drill is an incredibly easy-to- learn skill and you need NO artistic talent or Calligraphy experience!
WHAT?  A 3-1/2 day hands-on Workshop where you learn.  And you CAN learn.  A positive outlook & practice will have you productive in a few days.
WHERE?  The HOMEWOOD SUITES by Hilton in Allen, TX, just north of Dallas.  You stay in the hotel where the Workshop is being held.
WHEN?  Hotel Workshops suspended TFN.   See online schedule.
WHY?  An amazing way to add income for a universally-needed skill to personalize gifts.  Easy to earn at a rate of $100. to $150 per hour at home.
COST?  $1500. for Workshop. All equipment is provided for class use only, in hotel Workshop venues.  Student must bring the SUPPLIES kit provided with the purchase of the equipment package.  Everything else is provided by the Workshop.
MORE  More in-depth information and photos at the other links under •••LEARN ENGRAVING••• above.