This is the third edition of Ken’s first instruction book he created for beginners.  The first edition was published in 1977 and became a best-seller in the arts and crafts industry and had world-wide distribution for many years.  For more than 4 decades, this book has been one of the best-sellers ever, for individuals wanting to learn at their own pace. Filled with illustrations, alphabets, photos, and instructions. Numerous samples of work are included from students who learned from this book

This straight-forward manual teaches Ken’s proven method of using only 14 common, and repeated strokes to make the entire lower case alphabet with broad-edged markers and steel pens.  The upper case letters use only 12 unique strokes.  The method, when expanded, works the same for larger letters used for posters and sign painting with flat brushes.

Soft cover 8-12” x 11” and 80 pages.  Personalized, signed, and dated by Ken Brown if requested when placing your order.  No extra charge.

NOTE:  This book does not teach the alphabet or techniques used for the engraved Calligraphy Ken known for internationally.

Ken Brown Calligraphy Handbook (hard cover)