Or how to earn a little SPARE CHANGE
During the 25th Anniversary year (1986) of Ken’s experience in Calligraphy, he began creating a book for those learning and those already experienced with hand-lettering. He set out to answer countless questions repeated by his students regarding taking their skill beyond the kitchen table.
This book does not teach Calligraphy; it teaches how to get the most out of your work when you’ve become proficient. Chapter headings include PERPETUATION & EXPANSION OF YOUR CALLIGRAPHY. PRODUCTION. REPRODUCTION. MARKETING AND PROMOTION. PRICING. COPYRIGHTS.
You’ll see some of Ken’s off-the-wall, outrageous, and creative ways he promoted his name and work to become not one of the world’s best Calligraphers, but certainly one of the best known.
Soft cover 8-1/2” x 11” and 59 pages. Personalized, signed, and dated by Ken Brown if requested when placing your order. No extra charge.
NOTE: This book does not teach the alphabet or techniques used for the engraved Calligraphy Ken known for internationally.

The Ken Brown Calligraphy Resource Guide - Spare Change