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Rene' has been doing Gail's hair for years. Along with a bevy of other beauties who come weekly for their 'poo & do'. To show Gail's appreciation for the long-standing standing, I engraved the little verse on a bottle for Rene'. Of course it went immediately onto her station table near the sink where every customer would see and marvel at the gift. Needless to say, it generated goodwill with Rene' and new business for me.

You out there who are trying to find your way with wine bottles should take note and do something similar for your own barber or hairdresser or whoever grooms your locks weekly. Yours will be the only wine bottle promo in the place and you're bound to benefit.

I did a similar one.....different message....for my barber several years ago. It sat on his counter for 6 months and from the new business I got, I'd say it easily paid for all my haircuts during the time it was on display.

When you present the bottle, leave a wad of your business cards for the hairdresser to give to curious customers.

Good luck! This is the proverbial no-brainer to tout your talents.


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