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     Through the years I've engraved thousands and thousands of wine bottles in multitudes of stores.  In all those that cross my table, there are ocassional 'Oooops', meaning I must purchase another bottle, with MY money, and engrave it correctly for the customer.

     In the process, over many years, I've accumulated a shelf of engraved and unopened bottles that need to be owned by someone else.

•  Some are engraved with an error. 

•  Some have seasonal greetings with no errors.

•  Some have no engraving and were gifts to me from wineries to use for samples and photographs for posters and ads. 

•  Others were gifts for me to sample.  If I sampled them all I'd be making regular trips to AA!

•  Some people get them as Ken Brown collectibles, with beautiful samples of my script

•  Some hand-engravers want them as reference for their own layouts and bottle engraving.'s a way I can gain some shelf space back with a nice bonus for my engraving customers.  


When you spend a minimum of $75. for engraving and color on YOUR bottle(s) that you bring, you'll get ONE bottle from MINE.  FREE.  ZERO EXTRA COST over the published engraving fee.  There are many flavors and brands.  Some spirits.  Our choice of remaining bottles. One of mine FREE for each $75.  you spend on yours.  CASH ONLY for your engraving on this offer. must ask for the FREE bottle(s) when you bring yours for engraving.


Oh Bandaids on the rest of the 'Oooops' bottles!

Bring one.  Leave with TWO!




This is only one of dozens of various wine and spirits available.

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